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About us

About us

About Deep Kamal


Dr. V. K. Agrawal MBBS DCH MBA(U.K.) Chancellor, SunRise University, IET Group & Deep Kamal Career & Placement Pvt. Ltd.


Dr. Manju Agrawal DGO,MD Executive Director, SunRise University, IET Group & Deep Kamal Career & Placement Pvt. Ltd.


Dr. Lalit Jain M.Com, M.B.A., Ph.D, Director - Deep Kamal Career & Placement Pvt. Ltd.

Deep Kamal Career & Placement Pvt. Ltd. Dr. V. K. Agarwal himself is a Doctor and due to his long tenure with medical profession, he possesses vast experience of the field. Dr. V. K. Agarwal's most of family members are also in medical profession, as per his wish. Since last 11 years, thousands of students have successfully pursued Medical Degrees under Dr. V. K. Agarwal's guidance.

Dr. V. K. Agarwal has obtained very high respect and degree of faith among students and their parents due to Honesty, top level Medical Education, satisfactory professional practice and personal care of students including up to the mark facilities like homely food, accommodation and even their safety & security in foreign countries, like his own children. No wonder, Dr. V. K. Agarwal is on the top in this field today. All these have earned Dr. V. K. Agarwal a due respect and honour in the society as well as medical profession. The Print Medica and magazines have frequently published articles about Dr. V. K. Agarwal's guidance on Medical Studies as well as TV channels have invited him for interviews to benefit students and parents several times which adds more feathers in his crown.

The IET Group of Educational Institutions Established in 1998 under the auspices of All India Society Advance Education & Research is the pioneer in Private Engineering Colleges of Rajasthan with a primary motive of providing high quality education and produce dignified and worthy technocrats to serve the humanity & society. For almost last two decades the group has been expanding its horizon in all fields of education by establishing two engineering colleges, one pharmacy college, one homeopathic college and various vocational training institutes in the region of NCR. It has constantly worked towards raising the academic standards.

It has collaborations and MOU's with various reputed academic institutions, R & D centers and industries. World class laboratories. Tireless professors, High Sounded Placement cell, International Seminars, National Level Symposiums, igniting Projects are the strong stakes of the group. We strive hard to train and equip our students to get placed in top notch corporate and business units by honing, transforming and tapping the latent potential and talent dormant in them.

SunRise University is built in a foundation to promote greater access to quality higher education. cutting-edge research and contribution to the society. SRU provides generic skills together with flexibility, adaptability and passion for life-long learning, while simultaneously equipping young people with the best basis for careers in any area, including industry, and for the unforeseen needs of the future. The University's guiding tenet is to nurture and mould talent.

Associate Institutions


SunRise University, Alwar (Rajasthan)



Institute of Engineering & Technology, Alwar (Rajasthan)



Alwar Pharmacy College, Alwar (Rajasthan)



Sunrise Naturopathy & Health Resort, Jaipur (Rajasthan)



Deep Training Institute Pvt. Ltd., Alwar (Rajasthan)


YPSM Homeopathy Medical College & Hospaital, Alwar (Rajasthan)


Awards & Achievements


The Best Engineering College - 2010 of Rajasthan


The Best Engineering College - 2011 of Rajasthan


The Best Engineering College - 2010 of Rajasthan