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Southwestern University

University Introduction


Southwestern University

The Southwestern University College of Medicine was formally organized during the first semester of the school year 1947-48, a year after the University was founded by Don Matias H. Aznar. At that time, the Philippines was still under the grip of acute economic dislocation occasioned by the just concluded global conflict. It started with 14 pioneering students and 16 members of the faculty.
Full government recognition of the College of the Medicine was granted in 1954. The implementation of the Medical Act 1965 provided that all Medical Colleges in the Philippines be made into a foundation, thus a non-stock and non-profit institution. To comply with and implement the said act, the Southwestern University College of Medicine was converted into a foundation and was renamed Southwestern University Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine Incorporated


Location:- Southwestern University Villa Aznar, Urgello St, Cebu City Philippines 6000

Founded:- 1946.

The SWU College of Medicine is at par with the highest scientific and ethical standards in medical education.

In the pursuit of our vision, the SWU College of Medicine, Inc. exerts its efforts to:
1 maintain a roster of acknowledged medical experts in all fields of specialization;
2 equip the college with state-of-the-art facilities;
3 focus on core competencies and skills in medical practice;
4 implement a research-oriented instruction and research-based courses of study;
5 use an information technology-based approach to teaching;
6 practice community-oriented and universally-accepted health care;
7 provide avenues for postgraduate training in a particular field of medical

The SWU College of Medicine, Inc. offers the medical program leading to a degree of Doctor of Medicine whose graduates are:
1 trained in the highest scientific and ethical standards of medical education;
2 adjusted to current health needs of people around the world;
3 aware of the latest treatment modalities;
4 in pursuit of lifelong disposition to professional advancement and learning.

Southwestern University

It was reverted back to COM in 2014 with the Board of Directors’ decision as reflected in the Foundation for the Advancement of Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)- International Medical Education Directory (IMED). This college is so-named as an enduring monument to the memory of the late Founder. His dynamism, keen foresight, genuine concern for the youth and his abiding faith in his countrymen were the factors that made the University what it is today, a leading institution of learning in the Republic.
Since it was established, the College of Medicine has produced several board examination topnotchers every year. The first graduate who got the 7th place in the board examination was Dr. Diosocor Mancao. This year 2006, Dr. Maria Socorro Pino placed 7th in February Physician Licensure Examination. The College of Medicine students and faculty actively participated in Medical Research competitions. They consistently brought the highest recognitions in many years.
The college also give recognition to outstanding alumni during the Annual Homecoming and Medical Convention spearheaded by the SWU-MHAM Medical Alumni Foundation. This foundation was organized in 1972, with a vision and mission to organize one potent force that help in realizing the aim of the Alma Mater to become the premiere medical institution in this part of the country.
The Southwestern University College of Medicine building is a six-storey modern edifice. It has a fully airconditioned modern Medical Library and three full airconditioned audio-visual rooms with seating capacities of 120, 250, and 300, respectively. the College of Medicine building stands on the eastern side of the four-hectare University campus beautifully landscaped with fruit-bearing trees. The rest of the buildings are connected by arteries of lawns where students can stroll and relax the day’s classroom grind.